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The year 2016 is making digital marketers from around the word to gear up with the latest approach. It has turned out to be very much competitive and at times it becomes very much volatile. The various companies are pouring humongous investment for the marketing purpose. The top five digital marketing trends which are buzzing the market are as follows:

Personalization– your customers are not all the same. So why you need to treat them in the other way?? For the year 2016 you need to consider more and more advanced and dynamic ways which are used in personalizing the campaigns. You can later trigger the message which are tailored to their choice along with building familiarity along with a bond with the particular brand which are based on something that all were passionate for.

  • It is to be noted that dynamic customization is yet another way of implementing approach for making digital marketing better and approachable for the year of 2016.
  • It covers a wide area, but you can surely be using it to personalize various things, particularly e-mail content which is done according to given along with observed customer data.
  • As for example the location along with weather based content, web scrapes and more importantly the personalized images do play a pivotal task. It is simply very much effective.

Automation– according to the statistics of 2015 email industry census 54% of the marketers do carry out a survey that is being believed that were not at all coordinating email automation to their satisfaction, while 29% of the individuals wanted to focus on this particular tool in this calendar year as it has been cited by individuals providing

Digital marketing services in Johannesburg

Device optimization– In the year of 2015 Google did announce that mobile traffic had overtaken desktop in ten countries which includes the rank of USA and Japan. Nonile is now the device of choice for both personal and business e-mail viewing. As per as the census 61% of the participants have already started to optimize campaigns for mobile, while 27% are planning to. By 2019 analysts to predict vendors will have shipped more than 168 million wearable devices as it is being acid by individuals providing Online marketing services in Johannesburg

Context aware content-Context aware means going even further beyond personalized and mobile compatible content. What it means is, actually responding to a particular customer’s environment along with the behaviour. After knowing about the prospective online approach and social references and the location, it can be very much approachable. At the same time it can be very dynamic and allows in carrying out the marketing activities with ease.

Social media– Email marketing is being delivered to the customers, while the social media platforms do provide compelling content that often draws the customer in. When it is being coordinated in synergy the outcome can turn out to be extremely effective.

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