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About Via Kasi Digitals

If you are looking for Web & App Design Solutions, you have come to the right place.

Via Kasi Digitals is a full service website, mobile application design and related services agency based in Bryanston. For 10+ years, we’ve provided cutting edge digital solutions to over 300 clients. Our custom solutions are made to fulfill each client’s unique goals, empowering our partners to use our agency to its full potential while exceeding expectations along the way.

A Short History About Via Kasi Digitals

We are based in Bryanston and our operations are not limited to a physical location as we serve other clients remotely. Our location is between Johannesburg and Pretoria and very ideal in reaching clients in Gauteng, South Africa and the whole globe. Our portfolio of clients is made up of doctors, lawyers, small and medium companies, international clients, etc. Some of the clients have been with us since inception as we believe in keeping relationships with our clients.

We Work to Understand
Our Clients

We are The Right Digital Partner for You

We have the experience and specialized knowledge to deliver outstanding solutions for regulation compliance heavy industries. We are very experienced in helping businesses grow, offering comprehensive digital solutions that are sure to meet the unique objectives of each client. From responsive website design, eCommerce Design, App Design to a variety of digital marketing services (e.g. SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more) and corporate identity solutions. Trust us to deliver the professional digital solutions you’re looking for.

Additionally, our experienced developers can deliver the solution you need for secure, custom web applications development. Whether you’re trying to improve your digital presence or meet your marketing objectives, Via Kasi Digitals is an experienced partner that can make it happen.

Designed For Your Audience – No Matter Who They Are

Now that you know a little about Via Kasi Digitals, let’s talk about who we’re not. We aren’t the one man agency who is too small to handle all aspects of your project in the detail oriented manner that it requires. We also aren’t the distant marketing firm giant who is too big to provide the individual care your business deserves.

Depend On Us: Streamlined Project Management

We know each of our clients by name, and we’re always reachable. We have the experience, capabilities and efficient project management methods to deliver continued success for our clients.

Our Vision

We believe every day is an opportunity to further perfect our strategy and spur you on to achieve your organizational goals. Our vision is to make you succeed in yours as ENABLERS of businesses of all sizes.

Our Mission:

“To empower businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge, secure, optimal user experience, web design and SEO strategies that drive growth and success. We are committed to delivering exceptional services that exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to their short and long-term success.”

Who We Are: That’s Our Values


Going Beyond A Call Of Duty


Open Communication


Our Process

We have a tradition of excellence and the proven process to ensure we uphold it. After over 10 years of measured success, our focused, team-based, collaborative process is second to none.


Analysis: What do you need?

Once we’ve established the goals of your project our team completes an in-depth analysis. Reviewing your current analytics to determine visitor trends and gather insight into your target market, we provide market research to ensure your message reaches your audience. We work with your team to establish a timeline and provide access to the ongoing project. It is after all your project.


Content: What’s it saying?

Content is the most important part of your project. Of course, our staff is more than happy to give your message a voice. We will write for the entire project, one page or supply your team with the information you need to create targeted content. Once you know the message you want to deliver, let our research and expertise show you how to do it.

Design: Looking Good!

About Via Kasi Digitals in South Africa

It might be very difficult to decide on the design you like. We assist you in dealing with intricacies that come with user interfaces. Via Kasi Digitals has the tools, expertise, and technology to make your website work for you. Our designers are usability experts bringing focus to your project. We design appealing websites that combine usability, creativity, and innovation. We design to engage your audience, represent your brand, and exceed your expectations. Also, this approach is used in our graphic design services.

Coding: Let’s Build Something

We code websites and mobile application that are both powerful and easy to use. Our platform solutions are based on your project’s requirements and employ responsive web design techniques for compatibility across mobile devices. We keep our clients posted throughout the project. And, the client can share feedback, comments, or questions directly with our team.

Testing: How did we do?

We make an online experience while maintaining the integrity of your design. We test and retest all of our sites to make sure the look and feel stays consistent no matter who’s seeing it. We test all front-end code to ensure your website functions properly across popular browsers. We also employ responsive web design techniques for compatibility across mobile devices. This is applicable to mobile applications as well.

Launch: Everyone needs to see!

From training to third-party integration we make the launch of your project as seamless as possible. We make sure you understand your content management system and walk you through your analytics reports so you get the most out of your website. We help put your best foot forward by submitting to search engines and integrating with social networks. These are search engine optimisation and social media services.

Monitoring: How’s it performing so far?

From training to third-party integration we make the launch of your project as seamless as possible. We Make informed decisions about your website by understanding how users are interacting with it. Using Google Analytics we analyse user traffic and behaviour, and make recommendations that improve usability, optimize marketing campaigns, and increase conversions. We provide monthly reports and fine-tune your site and marketing campaigns around our findings.

Marketing: Gotta get the word out!

Our approach to marketing grows your audience and helps you build relationships. We work with you to reach your audience and realize positive returns. From keyword and competitor research to on-site optimization and reporting, our Search Engine Optimization provides measurable results across popular search engines.

Innovation: How can it get better?

Our team is always learning new strategies and techniques to take our clients to the next level. From design and functionality to marketing we stay abreast of the latest developments. We are constantly working to make our projects more user and search engine friendly, this translates to better targeting, visibility for you, sales and revenue for your company.

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