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About Us

If you are looking for IT (Software) Solutions, you have come to the right place.

Via Kasi Digitals is based in South Africa, Johannesburg. The company has a range of clientele across the globe. Our primary goal is to solve problems and explore opportunities in the technological world on behalf of our customers. Our offering is mobile application development, digital marketing, support and maintenance, website development, hosting, information technology solutions and graphic design.. As we seek to be a one stop shop to our customers, we have invested immensely to our workforce.

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We Work to Understand
Our Customers

Via Kasi Digitals has implemented mobile applications and websites across a variety of networks such as an intranet, internet and corporate networks with the desired security and administrative management. We have a specialized mobile application and website development team to assist customers with mobile-based application development. At Via Kasi Digitals, we help our customers in structuring mobile applications and websites, and making them easily manageable. Via Kasi Digitals is able to power organizations running all their business through mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets.

We pride ourselves in offering professional services. Our long-term relationships with our customers speak to our commitment of great service delivery and support level experiences. Our strength lies in our solution driven people and their ability to render excellent service.