Digital Marketing

Once the website has been created, we assist customers in striving to make sure that the website is being featured on the first page of search engines e.g. Google, etc. This is done by analyzing the competitors’ websites and how they earn their hits on Google. The customer proposes keywords, and we research others to increase the traffic into your website. We also assist with Google Adword advertisement to drive user traffic into the customer’s website. The more traffic the greater the chance to get return on investment. Monthly reports get generated to trace the magnitude of the traffic, and where it comes from. As most people spend too much time on their phones accessing social media platforms. The website presence on social media plays a big role in also generating  traffic into the website. We use algorithms to engage the relevant audience in interacting with the website. We assist our customers in the set-up of the social media presence, all successful user registrations are tracked and reported back to customers as well.

Google Adsense

Take Advantage of the Best Digital Marketing Company.

Via Kasi Digitals is one of the leading Google Ad Management Company in South Africa. Are you struggling with your design vendor? Is your web developer unable to provide you the right solution?

End your long-lasting struggle as we offer complete creative and web support for your online PPC campaigns. Our Google Adwords Specialists will be constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns and are available to you at all times.

Did you know pay per click advertising could increase sales and leads flow by 50%? Moreover paid advertising is effective both as direct response and branding strategy. At Via Kasi Digitals, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest CPC advertising strategies and also innovate from time to time. From expert Google Ads management to full-funnel optimization and testing, we’re focused on profitability and achieving your benchmark cost per acquisition.

Remarketing Ads

Increase conversion rates on your generated website traffic by re-targeting with our re-marketing strategies on various websites and social media platforms. Follow your potential customers till the time they become your customer, trust us you don’t need a sales guy to follow up regularly on telecalls.

As the website generates more traffic, we can place third party advertisements managed by Google for our customers to earn passive income. This income is earned from the number of people visiting the website i.e. impressions and also by pay per click of the third party adverts.

The client gets helped with the set-up of Google Adverts for third party companies. This feature helps the website owner to generate passive income. It enables the conversion of the website traffic into revenues in a form of impressions and pay per click.

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