What next, after my website is developed?

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How much does it cost to launch a website?  

The cost of a new website launch varies depending on your company, its budget, and how you choose to have your website built. Via Kasi Digitals has very competitive rates. Factors that impact the cost of launching a website include:

Upfront costs

There are a few upfront costs associated with building and maintaining a website, including domains, hosting, and SSL certificates.

Web design

This deals with the user interface (i.e. UX/UI). Designs are based on consumer psychology and can use the right colours and paths to help visitors convert into paying customers through design.

Web development

Web Development focuses on coding so that the website functionalities operate optimally. You don’t need to know how to code. We will handle all the complexities that come with coding. And, this will cover the user experience and ensures proper website navigation. We provide more design options as we make anything possible for your website.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance ensures your website is performing at all times and that it loads optimally. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account to ensure that this is made possible.


Your website can have great design and beautiful imagery, but it will be hard to convert visitors if you don’t have sales copy on a page that describes why they should purchase your products or services.


Even after your website is complete, you still need a way to get visitors. Implementing SEO can help bring in more organic traffic, but you should also consider other marketing avenues, such as paid advertising, to get more traffic and conversions from your site.

When is the best time to launch a new website?

Determining when to launch a new website is just as important as the design and development of the site itself. Before launching your website, create a plan for when to test the website and when to publish it for the public. Not only should you consider your public launch, but there are many internal processes you should ensure are in place before launch. A few things to consider before launching your website include:

  • User testing: Internally testing your website ensures that everything is working properly before it’s used by real customers.
  • SEO: SEO should be implemented on all existing pages to help you start ranking as soon as possible.
  • Advertising around launch: If you want to get more visitors to your site, consider advertising around the time of launch.
  • External communication to inform customers: If your website launch will interrupt regular business operations, inform your customers to ensure they know the website may be down for a few moments.
  • Time of day: Consider launching your website when your business is less busy, and the site will get less traffic.

Avoid launching your website on a Friday or during busy times. Ultimately, you want to launch when there will be fewer users on your site to allow for proper testing and catch any problems that may occur before you get large amounts of traffic. If you have an existing website, you can check your analytics to see what time of day has the least amount of traffic and plan to launch then. In most cases, you may have to launch at night after your business has closed.

How should you announce a new website launch?

There are many ways to announce your new website launch. How you choose to market your website depends on your business and its customers. A few options for announcing your new website include:

  • Social media marketing: Posting on social media is a free way to get the word out about your new website. If you have a robust marketing strategy, you can bring qualified customers to your site from social media.
  • Press release: If your new website can benefit your customers or offers something unique no other business does, you can announce it to the press using a press release.
  • Email marketing: If you have a list of subscribers, you can announce your website launch on email and let them know what’s changed and how a new website may impact how they do business with your brand.
  • Promoting offers: The best way to get more people on your new website is to give them something in return. You can promote an offer on social media or through email to get more website traffic and start converting quickly.
  • Mailers: If your business didn’t have a website before, you could announce a new website launch with traditional marketing methods like mailers. Add a QR code to every mailer to help your customers easily find your website from their smartphones.